Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lyrical virus the killer is music!!!!!

Bang!! Bang!!! goes the drum!!!!
I haven't written in so long........ i feel like im missing something maybe the instrument i made in new works over Thanksgiving break!!!! :] Yea that feels about right!!! ok well my instrument is a drum!!!! this is only the front though...oddly it looks like its being reverted outwards....well i was going to( not really post something else but ho knew.....alas i like salsa......besides that the drum that is my instrument can be opend an you can play it from the inside also......:D i like this instrument alot!!! Even hough it took sometime to make like alot of things i do.....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This is my mundala....incomplete though :3

NewWurks Playground of Learning

Well...Hello i know it's been a while since my last blog....THIS IS MY SECOND BLOG!!! I'm so proud...Anyways last class period in Mr. Richards we had a huge discussion about lines and types of lines. We also did a 'dance' with our bodies about lines. By dance I mean that we learned to curve our bodies in different types of lines. Two people even performed Mr. Straight(a guy who stood straight, talked straight, and even walked straight!!!) and Mrs. Curvy(a female who talked in a curvy voice, walked curvy, stood curvy!) We learned lines in the form of dance, music, theater, and visual art. In dance, lines are  expressed by the body. These lines  express emotions. In music, lines are the straight horizontal lines that have notes o them. In theater, lines are read from a script and memorized to later perform. In visual art, lines are used to express the thoughts and feelings. Lines are also used as way to show emotion in a picture. We had to do a visual arts project about lines that included 5 circles. Two that bled off the page and also 2 textures. Then we had to fill the entire page except the 5 circles we drew(they remained blank while the the rest of the page was filled with texture.) Now we will fill in the circles with stiples or dots of varying sizes.(The two that do bleed out of the page.) Then the three other circles that don't bleed of we have to create a a radiating effect to them with dots.
                 -Peace until next time :)